“The Island” in Lapham’s Quarterly Vol. VI, 2013

  “The Sea”, Lapham’s Quarterly Vol. VI, 2013 Lapham’s Quarterly is a literary magazine established in 2007 by former Harper’s Magazine editor Lewis H. Lapham. Each issue examines a theme using primary source material from history. The inaugural issue “States of War” contained dozens of essays, speeches, and excerpts from historical authors ranging from Thucydides, William Shakespeare, and Sun Tzu to Mark Twain, among […]

Review: “The Skull Sessions” in ArtFagCity

“Untitled Takes a Page from Frieze” by Paddy Johnson December 6, 2012 [Excerpt] “…As if to drive home that point, the curator walked me over to Skull Sessions, a discussion series and open booth where artists Tim Hyde and Saul Melman were holding court. Hyde invited me to sit down, and we talked for at […]

Review: “The Skull Sessions”, Art in General


Review: “Andrea Galvani & Tim Hyde” at Meulensteen, in ArtNews

ArtNews / May 2012

Essay: “Augmented Reality” by A.E. Benenson, CCNY

Augmented Reality: No Photo Graphic

Essay: “Common Love, Aesthetics of Becoming”, Kaira M. Cabañas, Editor

Catalog: "Common Love, Aesthetics of Becoming"

Publication: “The Dwelling Life of Man” – Foto Colectania Foundation, Barcelona

"La Morada Del Hombre" - Photographs from the Martin Z. Margulies Collection

Essay: “In Defense of Wasting Time: Rethinking the Quotidian” by Donald Johnson-Montenegro

Exhibition: The Every Other Day

Review: “How to Draw a Cathedral” at Max Protetch

Art in America

Review: Exhibition at Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome Italy, in Artvehicle

Review in Artvehicle

Review: “How to Draw a Cathedral” in the New Yorker

The New Yorker / October 26, 2009

Catalog: Tim Hyde at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Tim Hyde / Live Cinema at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Review: “Tim Hyde at Max Protetch” in Artforum


Review: “Tim Hyde at Max Protetch” in the New Yorker

The New Yorker

Review: “Tim Hyde” in ArtReview, by John Welch

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